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You were my everything. My other half, my whole heart. I gave you every thing I had. We were so perfect together. I’ve never honestly been able to say that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone. But I felt that way about you. You were different. And then, you gave up on me. For no reason. I don’t know wether you just got sick of me or what. But this constant questioning in my head is going to be the death of me.

Story of my life

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Im Jaime Reif and this is my story. (by Jaime K Reif)

I survived and so can you!

if anyone needs to talk about anything. if anyone feels like they are alone your not

write me at its my suicide prevention blog

ill always write back, ill always care, and ill always be here for you!!!

I wish…

I wish i could do something more than what im doing.

i wish i could lower the suicide rate, make people feel better.

i wish i could change this world into a better place.

i wish i could make people care, not be so shitty to people.

i wish i could do a lot and someday i will!

so if anyone ever wants to talk message me ill respond:)